Unearthly Desires

Unearthly Desires


Краткий анонс книги Unearthly Desires. Both the mystery and Alisons alarm, ratchets-up another notch when she realises her country retreat was once a house of ill-repute, run by an elderly madam. From the discovery of a sinister playroom in the basement, to the strange men who call upon the house and request unusual and bizarre services. Alison begins to wonder about the previous owner. When Alison comes into money, she uses the small fortune to buy a country home. And as she and her friend, Sally, sink further and further into committing depraved sexual acts with their guests, she becomes certain that the previous owner is still in control ... A house unlike any other she has ever experienced. And herself, when she is compelled to oblige the visitors demands.

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  1. Голоса сразу затихли, но тут же из кушерей показался седой, но крепкий старичок. Сказал так Елиуй и поклонился.

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